Why I Hate the Word Busy

We all say it… but are you really?


We all say it. And I have been saying it a lot recently. “My life is just so busy.” It’s been my excuse for a while now. It’s why I am not active on this blog. It is my excuse for taking all day Netflix binges. It is what I say when someone asks to do something for the evening. I use this excuse all the time. And when I’m tired I blame being busy. But I really am not.

Hear me out. I am not saying that I just lay around all day either. But sometimes I think I convince myself that I am busy. But when I really step back and take a look at my schedule, I realize that I really am not that busy. I just waste a lot of my time.

I watch Netflix instead of doing homework. I watch Dancing with the Stars instead of doing homework. I go to longer lunches than necessary when I could be doing homework. I have learned that “busy” is just a way to make me feel good about being a procrastinator.

Busy: actively and attentively engaged in work or a pastime

Procrastinate: to defer action or to delay

Yup! I’m a procrastinator. It’s not really a news flash to me honestly though. I’ve been a procrastinator since I was young. In fourth grade, I completed a project about presidents on the way to school on the bus the day it was due. I am a pro at this! I also have gotten really good at making it “okay” to procrastinate.

The fact is, it’s not okay.

2 Corinthians 6:1  And working together with Him, we also urge you not to receive the grace of God in vain.

I like this verse because it tells me that we need to be working with God. He has gracefully given us so much and we shouldn’t waste anything that he gives us.

So like I said, I don’t just sit around, but I’m not extremely busy either. There are several hours in the day (more than several really) that I am not productive. I tell myself I need the time to myself but in reality I have begun to realize that I might be taking too much time to myself.

This became evident to me this week when I realized that I hadn’t blogged in who knows how long and when I was sitting on the futon in the dorm and realized that I hadn’t moved for at least two hours. Friends, this isn’t healthy.

So here is my idea for the future non procrastinator: You do need time. But probably not as much as you are saying that you need. Here’s a thought. And today it is working great. Take Saturday to be yours. Yesterday (Friday) I went to a coffee shop and got everything done that needed to be done for Monday. And then I said to myself that tomorrow (Saturday) I’m taking the day off from school. Not from being productive at all. Just from school. Because school stresses me out. I am not in love with it. But I do know it is important and that I need to take it seriously. But I also need a break from it.

So what am I doing with my Saturday? I’m taking somewhat of a Sabbath essentially. I slept in until I woke up. Today that was around nine. I got up and got ready as if it was a normal day. I cleaned up and made myself look presentable. After that I spent an hour and half or so reading and then went to the school dining hall to grab lunch. I took my hammock with me and relaxed outside for a little bit and spent some much needed time with God. After that, I packed up my laptop and headed to a coffee shop.

This day has been relaxing but at the same time I feel that it has been productive. I read books that challenge me spiritually. I’m working on the blog—something that has needed my attention for awhile. Today has been awesome! And I look forward to spending more Saturdays like this.

So I challenge you to remove the word busy from your life because odds are, you do have more time than you are taking advantage of.

Proclaim His Praises!


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