College: Act II

Just a few of my thoughts before I begin my second year of college!


So I really haven’t been consistent with this whole blog thing. Summer just got way too crazy and I never got on a good routine schedule. But now that college is here, I am foreseeing a major improvement in my blog presence.

I am super excited about the things that God has laid out for me this year already! First, I moved in last weekend to work a Christian retreat for incoming Freshman. It was so amazing to see so many students putting their faith first in this new adventure of their lives. Next, I was able to (and currently still am) work Welcome Week! UIndy welcomed its largest freshman class ever of just over 1,200 students! I have loved watching their excitement as they enter this new season of their lives.

I also accepted a job at Brain Balance Achievement Centers near my school. This is an amazing opportunity for me as I prepare for a career in occupational therapy.

I am living “suite style” this year with three other girls and so far I am loving it! I highly recommend this kind of dorm style especially if you are not quite ready to “adult” yet. It feels like a step between a dorm and an apartment. Super fun!

As I am beginning this new year I have some goals for myself. I encourage you to take time to write out some goals also, and then come back and look at them throughout the school year.

{1} Pull up that GPA!

Let me just say, I’m a pretty good student, but Chemistry and Cell Biology kicked me last year! I lightened my course load a little bit this year to work on getting down better study habits and to help my GPA. I know GPA isn’t what defines me but it does mean a lot while I am in school

{2} Be more involved

I was pretty good at keeping to myself last year, and honestly I was pretty content with that. But if I want to truly make a difference (see goal 3) then I am going to HAVE to get more involved. I don’t want to overwhelm myself but I also don’t want to just sit in my room and watch Netflix on Friday nights.

{3} Make a difference~ Live for the benefit of others

I listened to a sermon the other day that talked specifically about living for the benefit of others. The pastor didn’t talk about being involved but that’s what I began to pull from it to apply to my life. I’m a rather introverted person. I never really thought that until I got to college. I always thought I was the extrovert but I soon realized that I really didn’t get my energy off other people and people actually just drained me. Because of this, my first year of college was mostly spent in my dorm room and at CRU Bible study and the occasional Thursday night chapel. I would go to games but I didn’t really sit with anyone. I was really good at keeping to myself and it didn’t make me uncomfortable.

This year, I’m working really hard to change that. I started by being a student leader for the activities I mentioned earlier. I also have taken on a more leadership role in CRU. I have decided to find a freshman that I can mentor just like a senior did for me last year (Olivia changed my life).

If I am not living for the benefit of others, then I am living for myself and that does not glorify God. If I am not glorifying God, then why am I here? What does “you are the chosen generation” mean if I am not doing anything that God has called me to do?

My challenge to you is not just to “be” but to “be present.” Get involved. If it means that you can change someone’s life, step out of your comfort zone a little bit. Stepping out of comfort forces you to completely rely on God. It’s hard, but so worth it.

Have an awesome school year!

Proclaim His praises!



P.S. Just some pictures for life update purposes!

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