Dear Self on Finals Week

Just a quick study break. Some thoughts about my first year of college and where I’ve come.


Disclaimer: I should be studying for finals right now but I need a break. FINALS-MEME-10


This is only my second finals week but I declare: this has to be the most I have ever studied in my entire life… Lord, please get me through Tuesday and the Introduction to Cell Biology Exams! I can’t even!


So to destress I decided I needed to blog. (Side note: Introduction to Cell Biology is the reason there haven’t been any posts the past couple of weeks. And I have some good information! COMING SOON: The Greatest Sermon Ever: Parts 4 and 5, Goals for the Summer, and some Music Reviews!! Thanks for hanging in there with me!

Without further to do: Dear Self on Finals Week

Dear Self,

You’ve almost made it. In five days you will have completed your first year of college. This year went by so fast. You’ve met so many new people, began to form great friendships, and you have grown up more in a year than I ever believed you could.

As you enter finals week, remain calm. Know that all the effort you have put in this semester will pay off. Know that you are not defined by your grades, but they are important. Don’t find your worth in your GPA; find your worth in Christ and who you are in him. That being said, I’m pretty sure Christ wants you to try hard and to be successful on your finals so that’s going to require some effort on your part.

This year has taught you so much. You have learned that you can do things you never imagined you could do. You have started to learn how to “adult” a little bit; however you aren’t really willing to admit that you are one yet. You have learned that seeing your parents every day is not a necessity, but you have learned to appreciate the 72 hour weekends spent with them. You have learned that, in some ways, yes, college is not like high school, but in others, it is. Just a little bit more of teaching yourself concepts. You have learned more about who God has called you to be. You have learned that God will use the gifts and talents he has given you to do things that may be outside of your comfort zone. You have learned how to talk to people with beliefs different than yours in a way that is respectful and non-confrontational, while still standing your ground.

Self, I am proud of you. That may sound a little egotistic but I really am. I just wanted to let you know that incase you are ever doubting yourself. I want to remind you of your accomplishments incase you are feeling down.

Just something to get you through this next week from your archery coach: “Forget the last arrow; keep your eye on the target; then see the outcome. Persevere through the final 15-meter round. God’s got your back.”

Proclaim His praises,


2 thoughts on “Dear Self on Finals Week

  1. I’m headed into my finals week too, and also about to wrap up my freshman year of college. I really love this post, it’s so relatable and so well written. Good luck to you this week girl, keep your eyes on God and everything will go exactly as it should!! Blessings 🙂


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