Music Review: Praise the Lord

My thoughts on Crowder’s “Praise the Lord”


The great David Crowder has made this song popular in my house! (Disclaimer: After doing some research I think the song was written by Sean McConnell. I found a version that I think he sang, but I just know Crowder’s version!) I used to have this thing about David Crowder that I didn’t really like. He had some great songs when the band was together (David Crowder Band), but then when he went solo I felt like he sort of dropped off the Christian radio stations. Then, I was working at a camp this past summer and one of the deans for teen camp had me listen to “Run, Devil, Run” and I actually enjoyed it! After going home that weekend and having my parents listen to the song my mom proceeded to buy the whole American Prodigal album. I have to say that this is a great album! There really isn’t a song on it that I don’t like. We laugh at my house because my dad is obsessed with the guy, but Crowder’s music hits home and connects with each listener in a personal way. I think that his song “Praise the Lord” can speak volumes to the people who listen to it.

I’m just going to bring out a few things about the song that I love. First, the chorus.

But now I just don’t buy it anymore
No, I’ve tried and I’ve tried to know everything for sure
But I find I know less as I come to know You more
You’re not who I thought You were
Praise the Lord

What he isn’t buying anymore is talked about in the first verse. I considered leaving that out for the purpose of this post but, eh, we’ll leave it in. I love the line that says “But I find I know less as I come to know You more…” Isn’t that how this thing goes? When I was younger I learned so much about attributes of God and who Jesus was and I could talk about who the Holy Spirit was at a young age. I went to a Christian school where we studied doctrine and over and over these things were rehearsed in my head. Don’t get me wrong, those Bible classes were very important to me and I don’t know where I would be without them today, but I think that sometimes in my life and maybe in yours, we get sidetracked with doctrine. We get sidetracked when we look deep into things and we forget about the foundational truths of who God is. God is loving, gracious, and forgiving! “You’re not who I thought You were. Praise the Lord!”

The next line I am pulling out is from the second verse.

I think that when we get to Heaven
We’re gonna laugh when we can see
How hard we try to make it
And how easy it should be

I think about this all the time! I think it is crazy that there are so many denominations in the church today and they all have differences and some are so small that you often thing, “does that really even matter?” But a denomination different than you would say YES! and then they would proceed to tell you about why they are right and you are wrong. And sometimes those small differences in denominations matter for salvation. What? Are you kidding me? I think it is going to be funny when we get to Heaven. I’m not saying the whole world is going to heaven because that’s not true- you must believe in God and receive the gift of His Son, Jesus, who died on the cross for your sins- but some people add to this. Or they say that salvation can be lost entirely in a person’s life. I think its going to awesome when we get to Heaven and the only thing that matters is that we are going to be at the feet of Jesus, worshipping the one who gave his life for us. We aren’t going to be talking about what our denomination believes. We aren’t going to be in our own little corner with our church people. We will be as one, crying, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord!” And that is all that is going to matter.

I encourage you to listen to this song! You will probably fall in love with Crowder’s music after you do so don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Let me know your thoughts!

Proclaim His praises!


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