Summing Up the Sermon: The Greatest Sermon Ever {Part 2}

Part 2 of the Greatest Sermon Ever! My take aways from this past Sunday.


So my pastor is continuing his sermon series on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. This week he tackled Matthew 5:17-26. As of the day I am writing this the sermon has not yet been posted online but when it is you will find it here. You will just have to scroll down a little bit to find it! (Side note: the church building project is finished and we are back to one service! It is so amazing to worship with everyone!)

Alright so first we talked about verses seventeen through twenty, which talks about Christ coming to fulfill the law. This kind of brought up what was talked about last week. (Click here for my post about that!) We can’t fulfill all of these things ourselves, it is only with Christ in us that we can meet the standard of God.

We also talked about how the Pharisees were not only trying to fulfill the law that was given to Moses but they had added to it. We must be careful not to be like the Pharisees by adding to what God has given us and making our traditions our religion! These traditions will set no one free, break no chains, and get no one to Heaven!

When talking about how Jesus came to fulfill the Law, my pastor stated that the law was good in that it revealed God’s standard and our sin- then, Jesus comes and fulfills the standard of God and establishes the New Covenant.

Let’s move on to the last part of the scripture, verses twenty-one through twenty-six. In this part it “gets real” and it will continue to get real through the rest of the sermon. Jesus becomes a “meddling preacher” and gets into people’s business.

Jesus begins to teach about anger and in this teaching we will begin to realize that sin is developed in the heart- out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. While addressing anger, Jesus will begin to address our relationships.

There are two relationships that we need to look at. Horizontal and vertical. Your horizontal relationships are your relationships with people; and your vertical relationship is your relationship with God. This will be important in further conversation.

Jesus teaches that God is most concerned with where your hear is at with your horizontal relationships. In verses twenty-three and twenty-four Jesus speaks of leaving your gift before the altar and going back to reconcile with your brother before you offer your sacrifice. This speaks to having to have your horizontal relationships right before your vertical relationship can be made right.

It is important to forgive and reconcile. Anger causes us to destroy people and not to build them up. Something that was touched on at the end of the sermon was that our tongue gets us into trouble in our relationships. It doesn’t take a weapon to destroy someone; it is the tongue that is a strong and vicious weapon that will destroy in an instant- out of the abundance of the mouth the heart speaks. Where’s your heart?

This sermon challenged me. I had to take a look at my horizontal relationships and see where I was. If there was someone I needed to be reconciled with.

The challenge: Are you in right relationships in your horizontal relationships? 

Proclaim His praises!


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