Summing Up the Sermon: The Greatest Sermon Ever {Part 1}

My take aways from the sermon on Sunday.


Matthew 5 is a pretty popular chapter in Christianity. This is where Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount is preached and this is where my pastor pulled his sermon from this past Sunday. To listen to the full sermon click here.

My pastor said something that I really think is important for Christians to understand. He said that what Jesus spoke at the Sermon on the Mount was meant to be lived out. It was the plum line for authentic, sincere Christianity.

If your mind is like mine then right now you are probably saying, “What is a plum line?” When I heard that word I was like, “Hmm. Must be a King James word.” So I looked in my ESV and guess what? It uses the same word! But thankfully, my pastor was able to enlighten the congregation on what the word meant. A plum line was essentially a tool that was used to reveal any deformities in a wall. It was seen as the “standard” that the wall had to live up to. That being said, Jesus’ teaching in Matthew five is the plum line for New Testament Christianity- that is, it is the standard for how New Testament Christians are to live. In this sermon Jesus teaches about a righteousness that flows from something on the inside and that something comes from our personal encounter with Christ.

For part one of this sermon series, we looked at the Beatitudes. The first thing that should be realized about the beatitudes is that they all start with the word “blessed.” This is one of those words that we as Christians use but forget the meaning of. The word blessed in the greek means “divine joy and perfect happiness.” The word would imply an inner satisfaction.

The Beatitudes can really be boiled down to four attitudes that we should have: {1} our attitude toward ourselves, {2} our attitude toward our sins, {3} our attitude toward God, and {4} our attitude toward the world. Let’s take a deeper look into each of these.

{1} Our attitude toward ourselves– basically, be humble. That’s what the “poor in spirit” means. It means to be meek. It doesn’t mean to have a false humility but it means that you have to get to the place where you realize the only way that you can do this thing called life is with Christ.

{2} Our attitude toward our sins– we should despise and mourn our sin. Today it seems that it gets easier and easier to let sins slide. We almost become accepting of our sin, but Jesus said that we should hate our sin and that we should mourn over our sin and that then we should call out to him to help us overcome that besetting sin.

{3} Our attitude toward God– taking the mercy we have received from God and sharing it with those around us. I’m going to be honest, this is a struggle for me. I have a tendency to not be patient with people. I get irritated easily. I give some people grace and mercy, but not everyone I meet. If God freely gave me mercy, how can I not freely give it to those around me?

{4} Our attitude toward the world– contend for the Faith; standing for righteousness in a world that doesn’t because we are different than the world; there will be some “talk” but that is okay because you have Heaven waiting for you in eternity.

The fourth attitude we should have led into the conclusion of the sermon. The Beatitudes describe people that are unique, peculiar, and set apart- which NEWS FLASH is what we are called to be! The chosen generation is called to be different than the world! But this message is nothing if you aren’t living different than the world. Don’t let your life contradict your words.

Take home point: The way you live every day matters. 

If you are reading this and feeling discouraged because you feel like you can’t possibly live up to this, RELAX! You can’t! The only person who can fulfill all of this is Jesus. Therefore, the only way you can fulfill this is by allowing the Holy Spirit to dwell in you and to allow Jesus to lead you. On my own, I will fail and I will never be good enough. But, oh when Jesus comes, and his Holy Spirit dwells in me how different things can and will be.

I pray that you find this encouraging and challenging! I would highly recommend that you listen to the sermon!

Proclaim His praises!




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